PHD is Closing it’s Doors

August 2017

Dear Friends of PHD,

It is with sadness in our hearts that we share PHD Counseling Center (Preservation of Human Dignity) will be closing its doors as of September 1, 2017.  Despite the efforts of the Board of Directors and Staff toward sound and frugal financial management, the severe economic landscape within the State of Illinois has made it impractical for PHD to continue to offer services.  All remaining assets will be liquidated and used specifically for final support sessions for clients, referrals to other organizations, and record keeping per regulatory obligations.

The Board, staff and volunteers of PHD take pride in having extended critical services to pregnant women and their families for nearly 47 years.  These essential services typically were provided at no cost and were unavailable to our clients from any other resource.

All of us at PHD Counseling Center want to extend our sincere thanks to our community of supporters.  Whether the support took the form of financial contributions, volunteer commitments, or clothing donations, know that you made it possible for PHD to provide its clients and their families with the crucial support they required.

With continuing gratitude and hope,

Nancy Staten Robinson                   
Board President

Diane Christell, RN, LCSW
Executive Director