Our Story

There are thousands of women in the community who are pregnant or parenting a child or children under the age of three who have limited or no network of support. Fortunately, PHD’s size and reputation have grown rapidly from a telephone crisis line into a sophisticated professional counseling center serving women throughout the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Countless donors, volunteers and staff continue to be committed to PHD’s core philosophy that every human life is sacred and deserves dignity. With these valuable resources PHD accommodates over 1,250 clients each year offering free counseling, case management and educational and community outreach services that help women and their families build healthier lives.

Did You Know?

1. The average age of a PHD client is between 25 and 35.
2. Most PHD clients live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.
3. Approximately 50% of PHD clients are married.
4. Approximately 50% of PHD clients are widowed, divorced or single.
5. More than 65% of PHD clients are Hispanic.
6. More than 80% of PHD clients live at or below the poverty level.