Paz Perez

Single Mother

My name is Paz Perez. I came to PHD when my ex-husband left me with my newborn baby girl.  I was very depressed because he abused me emotionally, financially, and over time physically. I thought that all this was part of being married.  One day while I was still on maternity leave from my job, he returned from work and told me that it was the end of our marriage.  This was very surprising to me because he had been telling me that he wanted me to get pregnant again right away so we could have a baby boy. Also, he had told me he wanted to go and apply at the immigration office so I could get my residency.  I thought it was very nice that he was finally thinking about me and our future. Obviously, it wasn’t the case. After that day, he became more abusive. As a result, every day I started getting more depressed and started having crazy thoughts to the point where all I was doing was sleeping, thinking, and crying. I was feeling terrible and not feeling capable of taking care my daughter or myself.

One day after a couple of months, I became wise to the fact that I needed help and I started to look for it. I called different agencies and PHD gave me an appointment right away. The first appointment at PHD made me feel that I was important. They listened and treated me with respect and professionalism.  The same day they assigned me a certified counselor. Her name is Ann Daly.  She has been very helpful to me. She has been listening and advising me almost every week since.  Besides that, Ann is trained in another therapy called EMDR which she has been using with me since December 2010. EMDR is amazing!  It helped me to get relief faster than I thought. I don’t have words to express the effectiveness of it.  The first time I tried, I felt like it wasn’t doing anything but after few sessions I started to feel so much better.

Today I still have problems, but by coming to PHD I now know that I am a valuable person and no one has the right to make me feel less. I know how to keep anyone from controlling me because of PHD.  Ann Daly also informed me about a program call VAWA (Violence against Women’s Act). I submitted my application through an agency Ann referred me to in order to get my residency.  It is in process right now.  So far I have my work authorization card, my social security card, and I now have a driver’s license.

I now have a new life to look forward to with my daughter thanks to Ann and PHD.  I will always be grateful to them.   I would also like to thank the donors for all the support they give to people like me that don’t have enough money to pay for a private counselor or clothes and diapers. We are living under critical conditions of abuse, depression, post-partum depression, or other needs.

PHD has returned the confidence I need to get back on my feet. I am now a strong, confidant, woman!

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