New Mothers & Parents

Are you feeling…
Like you are “not yourself?”
Confused or scared?
That you are not a good parent?
Sad or are you crying all the time?
Exhausted – having difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much?
A change in appetite – are you not eating or overeating?
Hopeless or helpless?
Guilty or ashamed?
Irritated or angry?

Becoming a parent is a life-changing event that can cause a wide range of emotions. PHD screens all pregnant and postpartum parents for depression and anxiety to ensure appropriate treatment and have new moms and parents feeling like themselves again. PHD’s Professional Counselors work with individuals and couples that are struggling with some or all of these feelings and symptoms above.

PHD’s Case Management services are for new mothers and parents who are looking for general support, guidance, education, and referral to local organizations and agencies that may be beneficial for families.

Clients enrolled in either Professional Counseling or Case Management have access to PHD’s Baby & Maternity Closet to help supplement their monthly purchases of formula, diapers, clothes, and other items for their new baby.